SJF COMPANY – registered trademarkThe SJF Company logo comes from a Past Life Research experience that took place May 9, 1999.

The painting's owner, Maria Pia Izzo (who is not an artist by trade) created it exclusively using the fingers of her left hand (she's usually right handed), in front of a group of witnesses, during a Past Life Seminar in one of the world’s most prestigious Spiritual Research centers.

During Maria Pia’s past life research, the story emerged of a man born in Ireland, at the end of the eighteenth century.  The last years of his life were spent in England. As the new century turned, he was celebrated by the youth as one of the great thinkers of their time.  He contributed to the birth of the first political circles of the early nineteenth century.

Born the son of a noble and related to the royal family,  he embarked upon life seeking a formula to help his people live with full respect for the freedom of the individual and the just redistribution of wealth. He left luxury and privilege, and chose freedom and respect, considering himself a product his own choices, not society's expectations.

Today, as we face the increasing fragmentation of society and belligerence as never before seen, he reminds us that true happiness lies in individual freedom of self determination.  He encourages us to live singular lives, providing for ourselves and for those we love.

In March 2012, SJF Company's managers transformed the painting in a brand to spread these values worldwide: in wearing our products, we tell the world that, no matter what, we want to be center stage helping society to grow in a better way.

That's why we offer you MADE IN ITALY street-wear, attentive to quality materials and detailed in the finishing touches, in the tradition of great Italian creativity and manufacturing.



Our first collection promotes streetwear; basic t-shirts for men and women, custom labeled with the design on the front.  

The t-shirts are printed in three colors.  The face that characterizes the brand represents Sir John Francis, the protagonist of our story. 

On the women’s t-shirts, his face is reflected and duplicated, coming together to create in the negative space between the two images, a shape representing a cup. 

This graphic has a very important significance. 

It represents humanity, of which we are all a part, that has too long been represented by the masculine. In some countries, not so far away from us, being born female means signing your own death sentence. 

Between the two male figures on the t-shirt, the essence of woman is defined in the representation of the cup; signifing the one who “receives, gathers and returns transformed.” 

For lovers of myths and legend, in the great heritage of humanity the chalice recalls the Grail, the container of the Elixir of Long Life! 

What better metaphor, then? Woman as the one who ensures the continuity of the human race.